Secondary Containment Company, L.C.

What is secondary containment?

Prompted by the Water Pollution Control Act, Clean Water Act, Oil Pollution Act, subsequent amendments, and related regulations, substances which have the potential to pollute our nations waters and are stored in large bulk containers on a given site must have protection to prevent leakage or a failure of the primary tank or container from contaminating the surrounding area. From this the term "Secondary Containment" has evolved.

What are the alternatives for secondary containment?

There are a number of different alternatives available to provide the requirements including various berm materials ranging from earth to composites, to steel to concrete coupled with liners extending from clay to reinforced plastic membranes to concrete. Space restrictions, maintenance requirements, and capital cost are all factors which must be considered when evaluating the best system for your containment needs.

Where does Secondary Containment Company fit in?

Secondary Containment Company, L.C. was formed in 1993 as a joint venture comprised of an engineering consulting organization, a service industry representative, and a construction company, in response to industry needs for a specialized company to address secondary containment options. Our mission was and continues to be providing industry design and construction of reliable, cost effective primary and secondary containment systems and components. While Secondary Containment Company has experience in the designated construction of a variety of containment systems, it specializes in steel containment systems, because of their adaptability to various applications, short construction time, and cost effectiveness.

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